Circuit Board Repair Services in Dhaka Bangladesh

  • Circuit Board Repair Services in Dhaka Bangladesh

PCB Board Repair and Rework Services

We’re experts in all aspects of repair and rework of constructed circuit boards and we have saved our customers most valuable time and money. Whether you need help with a thousand circuit boards or just a few, we can complete the job and get your circuit boards back to you for a charge that’s generally just a fraction of the circuit board’s value. And every project we have worked with is backed by our three months free service warranty.

PCB Repair Services Cover

  • Repair of Programmable Controllers (PLCs)
  • Repair of CNC Controls
  • Repair of NC Controls
  • Repair of Industrial Controls
  • Repair of Electronic Terminals
  • Repair of Electronic Displays

Save Money, Save Time, Improve Your Bottom Line

We continue to be recognized as the country’s most innovative specialist in circuit board repair and rework. With the advancement of today’s modern circuit board technology, it’s more important than ever to have a specialist available to help you at a short notice. Our goal is to save your money, save your time, and make your company more beneficial.

PCB repair services

Quality Testing

Circuit repair BD is a place where our high priority on test and measurement to ensure that product reliability and performance is in line with your requirements. Our testing capabilities extent from functional to flying probe to AOI/ICT and more.

Lab Equipment

To repair your circuit, we have high tech lab equipment to give your PCB best solution possible. We have highly skilled engineers in the filed of repairing services. They will try to repair your circuit within the minimum of cost.

We Can Help With PCB Repair Service

When it comes to repairing printed circuit boards, you want the work of specialists. You want experienced engineers who have worked with printed circuit boards before and know exactly what you need to get them up and running again.You invest a lot into the design of your printed circuit boards, and you don’t want to have to pay for new ones every time one goes damage. Luckily, thanks to Circuit Repair BD, you don’t have to.

Our combination of factory-trained engineers, certified technicians and a carefully-refined repair process enable us to come up with the best possible level of circuit board repair service. We thoroughly test and examine your device using methods such as the Curve Tracer Signature Device, and we review the entire board, repairing failed components and replacing any components with high failure rates.The result is printed circuit board repair service that is fast and efficient, getting your circuit boards functioning as they need to be.

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